Suzanne Bagert

Attorney at Law


Suzanne is so much more than an attorney. She is an expert in the field of contract negotiation and a fantastic advisor across the legal spectrum - with a well of deep experience to draw from.

~C-Sute Executive

First Rate Advice and Effective Solutions. We have the expertise and commercial awareness to formulate and deliver advice that is on-point, clear, and responsive. Where there are complex challenges, we have the experience and creativity to devise effective solutions.
Build Relationships. We believe in building relationships with our clients so that we will have a full and ongoing understanding of their businesses. With this context, we are ready when you need us, whether to answer a quick question, to take on a new project, or to jump into a crisis.
Entrepreneurial. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the need to have clarity on the ramifications of choices. We strive to lay out the legal framework for our clients, and to identify and quantify the risk and tradeoffs to aid client decision making. We maintain focus on outcomes and client budgets.
Strategic Vision and Execution. We believe in starting with the big picture. We work with our clients to understand the greater context, to define the goal, and to flush out unforeseen risks. We map out the steps, then execute the plan, with you every step of the way.
Network. In her 25 years of professional practice, Suzanne has developed a network of lawyers, bankers, accountants, and other professionals that are a powerful resource for clients. When client work requires the input of a specialist lawyer, Suzanne can bring in a consulting lawyer in her network. If clients have a matter that requires a different expertise, Suzanne can help her client find the right professional for referral.